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Results for: Procedures Design

Professor Zachary Steel and Mr Guy Coffey

Assisting and understanding psychologically vulnerable applicants in the refugee status determination process; We pledge to contribute to the strengthening of national asylum procedures, specifically in relation to the response to psychologically vulnerable asylum-seekers in the refugee status...

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South Africa

South Africa's Intent to resolve the backlog in refugee status determination and promote durable solutions for deserving asylum seekers and refugees; The pledge relates to the Refugee Status Determination Backlog Elimination Project (Backlog Project) and the Pledge is to indicate the Government of...

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New Zealand

Support protection capacity within the Pacific region; Working with the UNHCR and Pacific States to support Pacific States to develop and strengthen their asylum systems and protection capacity. This support will be undertaken through the Asylum Capacity Support Group; and In-line with existing...

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North Macedonia

Strengthen asylum case management, through upgrading asylum module of the database for aliens to increase capacity for protection of asylum-seekers and persons under international protection in the country; Demonstrating determination to further improve asylum case-management, while increasing...

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1. Increase of the reception capacity in Montenegro according to standards and in a protection sensitive way; Since mid-2017, the Montenegrin reception capacity has been exceeded on several occasions. The Government has responded by renting additional accommodation facilities from a private...

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El Salvador

Strengthening of protection and solutions mechanisms at the national level for the attention of internally displaced persons, deported persons with protection needs, refugees and asylum seekers; In order to mitigate the impact of forced displacement, this contribution includes the establishment of...

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Costa Rica

Medida complementaria para la documentación de las poblaciones migrantes que no obtienen la condición de refugiado en Costa Rica; Dentro de las dinámicas migratorias, los Estados constantemente enfrentan situaciones donde su campo de acción se ve limitado por aspectos legales, cuando un...

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Asylum capacity-building: Since 2015, Canada has participated in asylum capacity building activities in the Americas, focusing on Mexico. Canada is continuing asylum capacity building projects in Mexico and will explore expanding this work to other countries identified by the United Nations...

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1. Sharing the Brazilian eligibility processing system; Brazil commits to offering technical cooperation to countries interested in implementing eligibility processing systems based on the Brazilian "SISCONARE" platform.  2. Strengthening of the Brazilian eligibility processing system; Brazil...

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