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Results for: Assessment of Capacity Gaps


Support the Asylum Capacity Support Group (ACSG); Denmark supports the establishment of the Asylum Capacity Support Group and wishes to contribute to the mechanism both financially and with technical support. Denmark stresses the importance of cooperation with states that express a need for...

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France – Niger

The French government through its Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA),Council of State and National Court of Asylum (CNDA), in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior (Directorate of Foreigners in France, DGEF) and the United Nations Directorate of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), will support Niger through its General Directorate of the Civil Registry, Migration and Refugees and Ministry of Interior (DGEC-M-R)

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1. Expediting and streamlining processing of refugee status applications, by reducing the backlog of applications through the restructuring of internal processes and the increase in human resources, as well as the development of technical tools and continuous training plans for public officials at...

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1. Eficiencia en el registro, procesamiento de solicitudes y coordinación interinstitucional para documentación de calidad que asegure acceso a derechos; Este componente tiene tres enfoques principales: fortalecimiento, eficiencia y digitalización del proceso de registro y manejo de casos; esquema...

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