Year: 2021
Type: Technical
Contributors: States

Pledge to strengthen the re-established Refuge Status Determination process in the Kingdom of Eswatini:

The Kingdom of Eswatini pledges to conduct the following in the strengthening of the re-established national Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process.

1.1 To undertake a self-assessment that will inform the putting in place of structures, including necessary physical and technical infrastructure and Standard Operating Procedures, for the effective re-establishment of the national RSD system and implementation of the Refugee Act of 2017.

1.2 To bring on board the human resources required, and ensure their training and capacitation, for the effective implementation of the Refugee Act of 2017 in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

1.3 To ensure that there is a permanent national RSD process which will include reception and registration procedures and consistent adjudication of RSD claims at all levels for the effective delivery of quality decisions in the first instance and appeal stage.