North Macedonia

Year: 2019
Type: Technical
Regions: Europe
Contributors: States

Strengthen asylum case management, through upgrading asylum module of the database for aliens to increase capacity for protection of asylum-seekers and persons under international protection in the country; Demonstrating determination to further improve asylum case-management, while increasing protection of asylum seekers and persons potentially in need of international protection, the Ministry of Interior approached UNHCR to initiate upgrading of the asylum component of the existing national database of aliens (IBAS Asylum).   In 2018, development of asylum module of the existing IBAS registration system was initiated, complemented with technical support for its sustainability; management of entry system and measures to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are identified, protected against refoulement and given access to asylum procedures.   The final stages of establishing the system is in process, expected to be made fully functional in the course of 2020.