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1.Develop an adequate strategy to upgrade asylum capacity; Under the different programmes Portugal has so far received over 2100 refugees. Will be an objective to develop an adequate strategy to upgrade asylum capacity in Portugal.  2. Strengthen the Refugee Status Determination system; To...

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Review of quality control mechanisms within Malta's Office of the Commissioner for Refugees; Undertake a review of quality control mechanisms within the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees. 

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Denmark – Kenya

The Government of Denmark, through the Special Envoy on Migration in the inter-ministerial migration task force, and the Government of Kenya through its Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, have agreed to collaborate to strengthen Kenya’s asylum institutions as part of a project implemented within the framework of the Asylum Capacity Support Group (ACSG) Mechanism.

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Asylum capacity-building: Since 2015, Canada has participated in asylum capacity building activities in the Americas, focusing on Mexico. Canada is continuing asylum capacity building projects in Mexico and will explore expanding this work to other countries identified by the United Nations...

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Mexico: Merged procedures and application of the broader refugee definition

The Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) implements merged procedures applying the expanded definition proposed by the Cartagena Declaration, with a view to implementing a more agile, efficient and quality refugee status determination (RSD) procedures. These procedures speed up the registration and eligibility stages for certain profiles of applicants in vulnerable conditions and with a high inclusion rate.

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