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Mexico: Merged procedures and application of the broader refugee definition

The Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) implements merged procedures applying the expanded definition proposed by the Cartagena Declaration, with a view to implementing a more agile, efficient and quality refugee status determination (RSD) procedures. These procedures speed up the registration and eligibility stages for certain profiles of applicants in vulnerable conditions and with a high inclusion rate.

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Mexico: Expedited procedures

In 2019, Mexico received 70,431 applications for recognition of refugee status. The top three nationalities of applicants were Honduras (30,283), El Salvador (9,079) and Cuba (8,732). In mid-2019, Mexico began to receive an unusual number of Haitians who made a request for recognition of refugee status with the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR).

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Canada: The short-hearing and file-review processes

The Immigration and Refugee board of Canada (IRB) is committed to resolving cases simply, efficiently, and fairly. In doing so, it seeks to allocate the appropriate level of resources to the matter being decided. The IRB’s Refugee Protection Division (RPD), the first-instance refugee status determination (RSD) body in Canada has two separate processes for finalizing less complex claims..

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