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Zambia: Refugee self-service kiosk

In Zambia, the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees (COR), within the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, is the mandated government agency to deal with refugee matters. COR registers and documents asylum-seekers and refugees in its territory on arrival and maintains refugee data in Zambia.

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Ecuador: Mejorando la gestión electrónica de casos a través de ProGres v4

Con el objeto de establecer procedimientos más eficientes que ayuden a mejorar el proceso de toma de decisiones, la Dirección de Protección Internacional (DPIN) del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana con el Alto Comisionada de Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados han venido desarrollando el proyecto de…

Also available in English: Improving Electronic Case Management through ProGres v4 system

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Ecuador: Improving electronic case management through ProGres v4 system

In order to establish efficient procedures and improve its decision-making process, the Directorate of International Protection (DPIN) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility together with UNHCR developed a project “Strengthening Administrative Processes for refugee status determination (RSD) in Ecuador”. One of the immediate aspects to be strengthened as part of this project was Ecuador’s electronic case registration and case management system.

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