Bosnia and Herzegovina

Year: 2019
Type: Technical
Regions: Europe
Contributors: States

Strengthening efficiency of the asylum system in Bosnia and Herzegovina; BiH shall continue with improving simplified and prioritized implementation of asylum procedure upon manifestly well-founded asylum claims (continuously).

-By end 2020, BiH expresses readiness to roll out RSD quality assurance mechanism.

-BiH shall work on strengthening of capacities aiming at the improvement of availability and care for UASC by ensuring adequate reception conditions (including accommodation, guardianship, rights and services in protection sensitive approach) (continuously).

-By end 2022, BiH shall initiate amendments within the legal frameworks in order to obtain conditions to enable unhindered access of persons granted subsidiary protection to travel document, family reunification and permanent residence to support their local integration -BiH shall continuously strengthen institutional, staffing and financial capacities of the asylum system.