Year: 2019
Regions: Europe
Contributors: States

Support the Asylum Capacity Support Group (ACSG); Denmark supports the establishment of the Asylum Capacity Support Group and wishes to contribute to the mechanism both financially and with technical support. Denmark stresses the importance of cooperation with states that express a need for receiving support to managing challenges in and strengthening their national asylum systems, be they transit countries or host countries. Denmark wishes to cooperate with a select number of countries in 2020 (could be in the Horn of Africa or the Sahel region, or Middle East) through for instance IOM, UNHCR, EASO or other organizations as operational partners or through bilateral arrangements with states.  The support will be aiming at building capacity within national asylum systems in general, e.g. through providing technical and other support for the assessments of institutional capacities of specific aspects of the national asylum/RSD system. The support will run throughout 2023. The size of the pledge will correspond to DKK 5 to 10 million yearly, starting in 2020. The amount will be subject to parliamentary approval every year.