Year: 2019
Type: Technical
Regions: Europe
Contributors: States

With regard to strengthening asylum systems, Sweden has long experience from twinning projects and other asylum support arrangements. We intend to continue sharing our experience as well as supporting and participating in projects in order to strengthen asylum systems where needed. Sweden is currently involved with a number of projects seeking to strengthen the asylum processing capacity and quality. E.g. Sweden participates with expert contributions in several projects led by the UNHCR, such as the Asylum Systems Quality Initiative Eastern Europe and South Caucasus.

The Swedish Migration Agency also has an ongoing project with DGMM in Turkey (Promoting Turkish Compliance with International Obligations in the Protection of Refugees and Migrants). During 2019 and 2020 the project will focus on a strategy to prevent SGBV in migrant and refugee populations. The agency also has an ongoing Twinning Project with Serbia to support progress regarding e.g. asylum. 

SE has recently granted a contribution of one million SEK to the RDPP project in Ethiopia which is aiming to strengthen the protection of refugees. Support may also be given in the form of training or receiving visits to Sweden in order to share experience and best practices. Sweden supports the establishment of the Asylum Capacity Support Group. Given that it can be supported within existing budgets, Sweden will be able to support the group with experts.