Year: 2019
Contributors: States
1. The Government of Republic of Malawi hereby commits to improve Self-reliance through:
a. Introduce the settlement approach in order to enhance integrated development of the refugees and local community and to serve as a conceptual and operational bridge for closing the dysfunctional gap between humanitarian response and development activities;
b. Decongest and upgrade Dzaleka Refugee Camp into a socio-economic hub/service centre for the M1- Dzaleka- Dowa Boma Settlement corridor in accordance with physical planning guidelines;
c. Create opportunities for more regular and predictable sources of income and economic inclusion for the refugees by allowing them access to financial institutions, encouraging self-employment/business and offering 200 work permits to those with skills;
d. Provide an enabling environment for refugees to register their businesses without incurring high fees and procedures as applied to international investors; and conduct a skills profiling survey amongst the refugee population; and
e. Enhance livelihoods by promoting sports, arts and cultural activities amongst the youth.

2. The Government of Republic of Malawi hereby commits to implement Legal and Policy Reform:
a. Support finalization and adoption of the National Migration Policy and subsequent review of the Refugees Act
b. Revisit reservations on access to public education (Tertiary) and the encampment policy.