Year: 2019
Type: Technical

Strengthening the Government of Ethiopia’s Asylum System and Social Protection Capacity; In line with existing related commitments, this pledge aims to strengthen the overall protection capacity of relevant government entities with particular focus on enhancing social protection and asylum systems through improved legal and institutional frameworks at national and local levels.

These include: strengthening systems and institutional capacities in the areas of refugee registration, Refugee Status Determination (RSD), civil documentation systems, as well as basic social-economic and protection services through interoperable, integrated, and One-Stop- Shop (OSS) arrangements.

Strengthening the Government of Ethiopia’s out of camp refugee protection capacity and coordination mechanism will also be considered under this pledge. In this regard, the pledge particularly intends to ensure that all refugees are granted legal refugee status in Ethiopia through the effective and efficient registration and RSD procedures, which enables them to access the various rights enshrined in the country’s recently enacted progressive Refugee Proclamation (such as the right to work in the jobs/livelihood context).

In addition, it also aims to ensure both refugees and host communities (particularly vulnerable persons such as women, children, persons with disabilities, elderly) are able to access and benefit from the national social protection services in a meaningful way (justice, child protection, SGBV/VAWC prevention and response, community-based protection).