East African Community (EAC)

EAC Pledge/Commitment on making the Global Compact on Refugees work for every child during the spotlight session preceding the 1st Global Refugee Forum;

Building on the ongoing actions, and guided by UNHCR in partnership with the various partners especially UNICEF, Save the Children, the African Child Policy Forum among others, the EAC therefore commits to the three pledges as follows:

i. To finalise the EAC Refugee Management Policy and its implementation plan with focus and due attention to approaches that guarantee the protection and welfare of refugee children, ensuring that refugee and asylum procedures are child sensitive.

ii. Continue to urge and support Partner States in the EAC to implement regional policies especially the EAC Child Policy (2016) and the Roadmap on Strengthening National Child Protection Systems and Cross Border Collaboration to respond to the needs of migrant and refugee children;

iii. To take lead in promoting collaboration among Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in advocating for an increased implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees and the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) by Member States, through South-South Cooperation.