Develop UNHCR’s strategy on Asylum Capacity Development

An evaluation of UNHCR’s efforts in enhancing asylum capacity was published in February 2022. This evaluation included several recommendations, one of which emphasized the need for UNHCR to adopt a more strategic and effective approach in supporting national asylum systems.

UNHCR welcomed the conclusions of this evaluation as an opportunity to strengthen its work in this critical area and is seeking inputs from various stakeholders in the strategy development process. The dialogue platform offers a framework for engaging in consultations with States and diverse stakeholder groups to contribute towards the development and implementation of the strategy.

The strategy will guide UNHCR’s future actions and approaches in enhancing asylum capacity, while also acting as a blueprint for collective action among all stakeholders engaged in strengthening national asylum capacity.

This page will provide regular updates to ensure stakeholders are up to date with the latest developments in the strategy’s formulation.

Roadmap for strategy development

Take a look at the roadmap outlining the development of UNHCR’s Strategy on Asylum System Strengthening 2024 – 2029 in consultation with States and diverse stakeholder groups.

Management Response to the Asylum Capacity Development Evaluation

Find out how the Management Response addresses the recommendations outlined in the evaluation of UNHCR’s support for strengthening national asylum systems and discover the steps UNHCR will take to ensure a more transformative and effective support to national asylum systems.

Evaluation of UNHCR’s Support for Strengthening National Asylum Systems

Explore the evaluation’s findings of the support provided by UNHCR to States in strengthening the capacities of their asylum systems including the recommendation for UNHCR to adopt a more strategic and effective approach in supporting national asylum systems.