Mobilize and expand engagement on asylum capacity support

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The ACSG encourages States and stakeholders to commit to asylum capacity pledges through the Global Refugee Forum. From the pledges made thus far, there are more requests for capacity support than offers of support available, leading to unmet needs. To address this gap, the ACSG encourages additional States to engage in offering asylum capacity support, including without making a formal pledge. This includes by bringing more visibility and awareness to bilateral or multilateral support provided by States and other stakeholders within existing frameworks.

The ACSG proposes that information about such support be showcased via the dialogue platform/ACSG portal. Having such information available will ensure consistency and coherence in capacity support, effectively addressing critical gaps in a comprehensive manner and encourage additional stakeholders to become engaged. Such reporting will also prevent duplication of efforts and resources, maximizing impact while also highlighting areas where capacity support is most needed.

In this workstream, the ACSG Secretariat will proactively engage stakeholders with demonstrated expertise. This outreach will extend to States and stakeholders who have not made a pledge but who have known expertise or have undertaken bilateral work on asylum capacity. This approach will ensure that all available support opportunities are utilized to address unmet needs effectively.

Georgia – North Macedonia & Tajikistan

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Make a request or offer of asylum capacity support

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