Mobilize asylum capacity pledges for the Global Refugee Forum

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The Global Refugee Forum relies on pledges and commitments by States and diverse stakeholders to advance the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees.

Through the dialogue platform States and stakeholders will be supported with the preparations for the Global Refugee Forum on asylum capacity strengthening, assistance will be provided on pledge formulation and prioritization, joint and pre-matched pledges or initiatives encouraged, and good practice examples of initiatives supporting asylum capacity shared. The aim of this support is to ensure the development of high-quality and multi-stakeholder pledges to guide future engagement on asylum capacity issues.

States and stakeholders are encouraged to make pledges and to act as advocates towards other stakeholders to also make pledges. This will contribute to the collectivity of pledges related to asylum capacity and play a significant role in achieving the desired outcomes of the Global Compact on Refugees.

This page will provide information and guidance on pledge development and mobilization.

GRF pledging guidance: asylum capacity

Read the pledging guidance and contribute to the development of concrete and impactful pledges to strengthen asylum capacity as part of the Global Refugee Forum 2023. 

Multistakeholder pledge: asylum capacity

In preparation for the Global Refugee Forum 2023, several multistakeholder pledges are currently being formulated. Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in pledges on asylum capacity that align with their interests, focusing on four key areas. Find out more on the Global Compact on Refugees Digital Platform.

Submit a pledge

Submit or update your pledge to advance the Global Compact on Refugees by using the online form available on the Global Compact on Refugees Digital Platform. 

Global Refugee Forum 2023

The Global Refugee Forum 2023 will take place between 13-15 December in Geneva, with advance events on 12 December. For additional details regarding the event, visit the UNHCR portal.